Kamino invasion

Overhead view of the stage

Kamino Invasion is the first level of the Kamino stage in Republic Defender. Kamino Invasion is the first stage where players will be introduced to the ARC Trooper Bunker and Aqua Droids. This stage is moderate in difficulty and is available to free account users.


  • Aqua Droids are prevalent throughout this stage, so place high damage turrets such as the ARC Trooper Bunker or Particle Beam turret near the end of the stage. It is also not a bad idea to place some ARC Trooper Bunkers in the front.
  • As always, place Thermal Grenade Turrets at the front of the stage to quickly finish off groups of weaker droids
  • It is a good idea to use Energy Converters on this stage. Make at least three of them and upgrade them to rank 3 as quickly as possible.
  • STAPs are present on this stage, and the best way to repel them is to upgrade at least one ARC Trooper Bunker to rank 3. If this is difficult, make several blaster turrets as substitutes.

Enemy droidsEdit

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