Kashyyyk is a planet of the Republic and is home to the Wookiee species.

Outifts Edit

Kashyyyk Lightsaber Edit

Kashyyyk lightsaber

A player wielding the Kashyyyk Lightsaber

Named for the system that inspired it, this Lightsaber is inspired by the heavily wooded forests of Kashyyyk!

The Kashyyyk Lightsaber is a Lightsaber that was gifted to all Lifetime members during the update for June 24th, 2011, and is also given for free with the purchase of the Summer Pass. It is the first lightsaber to not be included in an outfit set and is also the most expensive individual item of gear.

When purchased, players will also receive a green crystal and another unidentified crystal that makes large points emerge from the lightsaber. The crystal is a remake of Kyle Katarn's crystal with sparks.

Kashyyyk Lightsaber 64
Kashyyyk Lightsaber
RC icon 64,000

Housing Edit

Kashyyyk Edit

Pieces of the Kashyyyk furniture set can be obtained from Card Commander Booster packs. This furniture set is stylized to look like wood, and its resemblance to many objects in nature is clear.

  • Kashyyyk Chair
  • Kashyyyk Fur
  • Kashyyyk Hammock
  • Kashyyyk Hunting Trophy
  • Kashyyyk Lamp
  • Kashyyyk Rug
  • Kashyyyk Sculpture
  • Kashyyyk Table


The Kashyyyk Lightsaber can be crafted with 1600 Green lightsaber crystals, 10 Vintrium bars, 7 Carvanian sheets, 2 duranex rolls, 3200 silver nanites

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