Sergeant Kellov is a Death watch enemy that spawns at the Destroyed Village on Carlac . He drops 250-2000 Republic Credits (unconfirmed) and may drop rare crafting components. Death Watch Battle Tags collection pieces can be collected by killing Kellov. Getting all eight of them will result in RC icon 1,000.


1. Have one player take damage from the flamethrower, while other players stand out of the range to deal damage.

2. Use ranged weapons. Kellov's flamethrower is rather weak, and having a healer should make this fight not too difficult. Standing close to Kellov will cause him to hit you with the flamethrower, which deals more damage.

3. Be careful of additional Death Watch mobs spawning, and make sure to eliminate them if they get in the way.

4. Kellov, as with other bosses, may switch to the target dealing the most damage to him. Always be ready for a change in plans.

5. Kellov has a long spawn timer, which may mean long waits between attempts to defeat him.

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