Kit Fisto
Faction Jedi Order
Rank Jedi Master
Species Nautolan
If you need a break from the fighting, you should try racing speeder bikes! Cutting loose on a swoop bike is a great way to clear your mind keeping your reflexes sharp! Racing lets you have some competitive fun while you're away from the front lines. Give it a try!
—Kit Fisto at the launch of Speeder Bike Racing

Kit Fisto is a renowned Nautolan Jedi Master who takes duties with enthusiasm, often sporting a wide smile when events go his way. From his homeworld of Glee Anselm, his head tentacles can sense the change of emotions and other changes in people. With a well-developed sense of humility to go with that sense of humor, Fisto mostly keeps a low profile, initially uninterested in the idea of appointment to the Jedi Council. He can be found in Clone Wars Adventures in the Jedi Temple Hangar in charge of the mini-game, Speeder Bike Racing. Kit Fisto has two outfits in Clone Wars Adventures, one can be purchased in the Hasbro Armory, while his original outfit can be obtained by Station Cash cards available at 7-Eleven.


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