A LAAT Gunship outside the Jedi Temple.

The LAAT Gunship, also known as the Republic Gunship or Low Altitude Assault Transport, is used by the Republic to Transport clone troopers into battle. In Clone Wars Adventures, one can be seen outside the hangar of the Jedi Temple behind Captain Breaker ever since the Life Day update. If the player talks to Captain Breaker, a map will be displayed giving several locations to go to, which is also (technically) the launch for the mini-game, Dark Side Duel. The LAAT Gunship can also be found on Iceberg Three, and Umbara. It's also found flying overhead on Ryloth. It's also a furniture piece available for Felucia tokens.

An LAAT in the Venator Attack Cruiser


In Galactic Forces, the LAAT gunship is a level one bomber that drops bombs on droid units. Players can target up to three different targets. In Republic Gunship, players pilot a gunship through heavy droid forces. Another version of Republic Gunship can be found in the Iceberg Three saga. The LAAT gunship can also be seen periodically during Starfighter missions.


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