Maridun Battlefield

Lok Durd Strikes back is the second level of Republic Defender and is the second level of the Maridun stage. Lok Durd Strikes back is another great level for beginners to train on and introduces power-ups as well as the Thermal Grenade Turret, which can damage multiple enemies with each shot. Like the previous level, you start out with very few energy, but it is sufficient enough for you to succeed. This is also the first level where you encounter AATs


  • There are several turret slots available and you will only encounter basic enemies, so an acceptable strategy for this stage is to create as many rank 1 turrets as possible.
  • Another great strategy is to focus on creating only Thermal Grenades and Particle Beam Turrets.
  • Try to upgrade at least two Particle Beam Turrets to rank 3, which will provide sufficient defense against the AATs.
  • Save up as many Thermal Detonators as possible and use them only on troublesome stronger units like the B2 Super Battle Droid or the AAT.

Enemy DroidsEdit

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