The lower city has a flavor all on its own, and so will your home with these unique furnishings

-Store Description

The Lower City Coruscant Set is a furniture set that can be used to decorate houses. It was specially created for the Padawan Dormitory and is the only furniture set that is available to free account users. The Lower City Coruscant set consists of basic furniture and decorations, including lamps, beds, tables, and sofas.


  • Bed - RC icon 600
  • Big Lamp - RC icon 600
  • Sofa - RC icon 400
  • Large Table - RC icon 350
  • Small Work Station - RC icon 200
  • Small Table - RC icon 150
  • Chair - RC icon 50
  • Small Lamp - RC icon 50

Design IdeasEdit

  • Several small tables can be stacked on top of each other to make a shelf
  • Big lamps can be laid flat to make ramps or staircases
  • You can use several small lamps to create text or words

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