An MTT in Galactic Forces

The MTT, formally know as the Multi Troop Transport, is a Separatist vehicle that is used to transport battle droids. It is large and blue in color and appears in the minigames Republic Defender and Galactic Forces

Galactic ForcesEdit


MTT on felucia

In Galactic Forces, the MTT is a rank 3 Separatist heavy weapon vehicle. It boasts the lowest damage stats out of all available rank 3 vehicles, however this is made up by its very high firing rate and defense. The MTT is also unique, for it spawns four free B2 Super Battle Droids when it is destroyed, providing a good infantry defense as well.

The fast firing rate of the MTT makes it powerful against any Republic Unit, being able to outmatch an AT-TE Repeater in a one on one encounter. When compared to the Super Tank, the MTT is much more agile and preforms better when trying to push your enemy back. The MTT also preforms well against light armor and infantry swarms, despite its limit to attacking one unit at a time, because of its unusually large amount of health. MTT's have a reputation for their devastating power when in large swarms.

Republic DefenderEdit

In Republic Defender, the MTT is a droid vehicle that will appear in Republic Withdrawal, the last level of Felucia. Commander Cody will warn you when they start to spawn. A good way to destroy a MTT is using Tank Mines.

The MTT carries battle droids and depending on the colour in the Recon Bar, the MTT will spawn different types of B1 Battle Droids when it is destroyed, green is for 6 B1 Battle Droids, orange is for 6 B1 Assault Battle Droids and red is for 6(or more) B1 Commander Battle Droids.

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