Mandalorian is a theme that is based on a nomadic group of clan-based people whose culture is often based on violence and battle (with the exception of the New Mandalorians), for which furniture sets and outfits have been made. A Mandalorian splinter group, Death Watch, is the chief enemy unit on Carlac. Death Watch invades and takes control of a small village, and sets up three training camps near a crashed Separtist frigate.


Death WatchEdit

This armor is that of the Mandalorian splinter group, Death Watch. They take great pride in trying to restore their roots, and this armor makes that pride clear to all who see it.
—Store description

This outfit requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.

  • Death Watch Helmet - RC icon 4000
  • Death Watch Armor - RC icon 4000
  • Death Watch Gloves - RC icon 1000
  • Death Watch Boots - RC icon 1000
  • Mandolorian Blaster Rifle - RC icon 3000

Mandalorian Mercenary Edit

Cwa mandalorianmercenary main
This imposing armor will impress and intimidate any of your enemies... or potential employers.
—Store description

The Mandalorian Mercenary is an outfit set that was released on August 19, 2011. It has not appeared in the Clone Wars television series, and is available for purchase with Station Cash. Aside from the metallic red color pattern, it shares the same design as the Death Watch outfit. This outfit is very similar to the armor of the Mandalorian troops seen in the Wii version of the video game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It is not part of the Death Watch.

  • Mandalorian Mercenary Armor - SC icon 150
  • Mandalorian Mercenary Boots - SC icon 50
  • Mandalorian Mercenary Gloves - SC icon 50
  • Mandalorian Mercenary Helmet - SC icon 150

Mandalorian DeathwatchEdit

Show everyone in the Main Hall who's boss with this menacing new Mandalorian Deathwatch gear.
—Store description
  • Mandalorian Deathwatch Helmet - SC icon 200
  • Mandalorian Deathwatch Armor - SC icon 300
  • Mandalorian Deathwatch Gloves - SC icon 100
  • Mandalorian Deathwatch Boots - SC icon 100

Camouflaged Death Watch ArmorEdit

Main article: Camouflaged Death Watch Gear

Golden Death Watch GearEdit

Main article: Golden Death Watch Gear

Death Watch LieutenantEdit

Death Watch Lieutenants are Pre Vizsla's most trusted officers within the Death Watch faction!
—Store Description

The Death Watch Lieutenant gear set is based off the Death Watch officers who appeared in the recent episodes of Star Wars: the Clone Wars. It was released on January 25th, 2013 and is currently available for republic credits in game.

  • Death Watch Lieutenant Boots - RC icon 500
  • Death Watch Lieutenant Armor - RC icon 1200
  • Death Watch Lieutenant Gloves - RC icon 500
  • Death Watch Lieutenant Helmet - RC icon 600

Death Watch Night OwlEdit

The Night Owls, led by the fierce Bo-Katan, are a highly trained squad within the Death Watch!
—Store Description

The Death Watch Night Owl is based off the Night Owl squad members in the recent Star Wars: the Clone Wars episodes. It was released on February 1st, 2013 and is part of the first update of the month.

  • Death Watch Night Owl Boots - RC icon 500
    Night owl
  • Death Watch Night Owl Armor - RC icon 1200
  • Death Watch Night Owl Gloves - RC icon 500
  • Death Watch Night Owl Helmet - RC icon 600


Mandalorian Set Edit

Show off your dedicaiton to discipline, comfort, and the art of war with these Mandalorian home furnishings!
—Store Description

The Mandalorian Set is a furniture set that was released shortly after the launch of the game. Items within the Mandalorian set are known for being expensive, ranging from RC icon 500 to RC icon 4,000 and consists of decorative items, tables, and chairs.

  • Aquarium - RC icon 4000
  • Chair - RC icon 500
  • Control Console - RC icon 2000
  • Couch - RC icon 1000
  • Dorm Computer - RC icon 3000
  • Holoboard - RC icon 4000
  • Topiary Tree - RC icon 1000

Death Watch Guests Set 1Edit

"The Death Watch may have given you a hard time out on the battlefield but the check all of that at your door when they come in for a party!"
—Store description
The set features:a male Elite Death Watch soldier, a female  Elite Death Watch soldier, a Death Watch commander and an Elite Death Watch commander. The whole set costs RC icon 3196. It was released on the update of 26/04/2013.
  • Elite Male Death Watch RC icon 699
  • Elite Female Death Watch RC icon 699
  • Death Watch CommanderRC icon 899
  • Elite Death Watch CommanderRC icon 899

Note:Please note the picture of the Death Watch Commander is wrong, it is not Kellov.

Death Watch Guests Set 2

  • Death Watch GeneralRC icon 899
  • Female Death Watch ComanderRC icon 899
  • Female Death Watch InfantryRC icon 699
  • Male Death Watch InfantryRC icon 699

External linksEdit

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