The Mobile Shield Generator is a type of Separatist vehicle in Republic Defender. It appears as both a boss and a recurring unit in stages.

The Mobile Shield Generator is a heavily shielded vehicle that has the unique ability to protect droid allies that move under its shield. The Mobile Shield Generator's shields are relatively easy to take out as it takes only a few shots from an Ion Repeater or Ion Cannon to disable them. Even without using a shield-dispatching specialized turret, players will find that stronger, high rank, turrets will serve as good substitutes for taking them out. All special abilities work fairly well against Mobile Shield Generators.


The Mobile Shield Generator first appears as a boss in the Felucia stage, Republic Withdrawl. The Boss variant of the Mobile Shield Generator is far more durable and has much stronger shields when compared to its standard version. It also has the ability to re-release its shields multiple times before they are deactivated permanently and will remain stationary in its unshielded state. Placing groups of rank 3 Particle Beam Turrets near the end of the path combined with the use of the Speeder Bike Squad special ability provides a simple and effective defense against this boss. The Speeder Bike Squad's EMP grenades can deactivate the Mobile Shield Generator's shields in a single run and it is recommended to use them when it is near stronger turrets.

The Mobile Shield Generator is almost identical in appearance to the Super Tank.

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