Furniture Edit

Mon Calamari Guests Edit

The Mon Calamari Guests are pieces of furniture that are similar to the Karkaradon, Captain Ackbar, and Nossor Ri holoprojectors. If clicked on, they preform the same thing as the holoprojectors do if the action key is pressed while the player is using one. They each cost 200 Republic Credits.

Mon Calamari Furniture SetEdit

The Mon Calamari Set was released with the game's launch and can be purchased for a total of 550 SC.

Actions Edit

Mon Calamari Holoprojector Pack Edit

Fit in with the leadership of Mon Calamari with these holoprojectors of Captain Ackbar and Nossor Ri!

-Store Description

The Mon Calamari Holoprojector Pack is a set of holoprojectors that was released on September 16, 2011. Holoprojectors in this pack include figures from the Battle of Mon Calamari, the two being Captain Ackbar and Nossor Ri.

  • Captain Ackbar Holoprojector - RC icon 6,000
  • Nossor Ri Holoprojector - RC icon 2,000

Nossor Ri was given as a free gift to players who purchased the Season Pass or owned a lifetime Jedi membership.

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