Outfits Edit

Mortis Father Edit

The powerful Mortis Father wore these robes as he strived to maintain the balance of the Force.
—Store description
  • Mortis Father's Boots
    RC icon 200
  • Mortis Father's Hat
    RC icon 500
  • Mortis Father's Suit
    RC icon 1,000

Mortis Son Edit


Mortis Son Gear

This is the gear worn by the mysterious Mortis Son, an adept Force-wielder with a powerful family!
—Store description

Mortis Son gear is based from the Mortis Trilogy, Mortis Son is believed to be the living dark side of the force. He is able to turn into any thing he wants. There is a Gargoyle version of him in the store, Mortis Son Force Form Holoprojector.

The Mortis Son's gear replaced the Retired gear after it was retired. 

  • Mortis Son's Boots
    SC icon 50
  • Mortis Son's Collar
    SC icon 100
  • Mortis Son's Gloves
    SC icon 50
  • Mortis Son's Suit
    SC icon 100


The Mortis Force Form Holoprojectors are also available as guests, for a total of 400 Republic Credits. Jedi Membership is required.

Action Edit

Mortis Force Forms Holoprojector Pack Edit

The above guests are available as Holoprojectors for 400 SC.

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