Mounts allow the player to travel faster anywhere in the game. They are distinct from vehicles, which are only used in mini-games. Mounts upon the 13 April 2012 update were made to be able to use anywhere including lots and the Jedi Temple.

Mounts Edit

Festive Tauntaun
Black Starhawk Speeder
Rancor mount
Tan 74-Z Speeder
Tan 74-Z Speeder
Grievous Speeder
AT-RT Mount icon
AT-RT Mount
Umbaran BARC Speeder icon
Umbaran BARC Speeder
Green BARC Speeder icon
Green BARC Speeder
Mandalorian Speeder
Kashyyyk Mandalorian Speeder
Kashyyyk Mandalorian Speeder
Tauntaun mount

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