These construction pieces are essential to where lava is unpredictable


Mustafar Construction Set

-Store Description

The Mustafar Construction Set is a furniture set specially made for the Mustafar Lot. This furniture set mainly consists of basic housing materials, including tiles, crates, and door panels.


This furniture set requires Station Cash to purchase.

  • Mustafar Ceiling Tile - SC icon 25
  • Mustafar Door Panel - SC icon 100
  • Mustafar Floor Tile - SC icon 25
  • Mustafar Large Crate - SC icon 100
  • Mustafar Lava Rock - SC icon 150
  • Mustafar Medium Crate - SC icon 75
  • Mustafar Pipes - SC icon 50
  • Mustafar Small Crate - SC icon 50
  • Mustafar Wall Panel - SC icon 75
  • Mustafar Window Panel - SC icon 100

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