The Octuptarra is a Separatist combat droid that appears in several mini-games such as Republic Defender, Galactic Forces, and Hasbro Attack Shuttle

The Octuptarra

. The Octuptarra is recognized by the large ball as its head, along with the three long legs which support it.

Galactic ForcesEdit

The Octuptarra, in Galactic Forces, is the Rank 2 light armor for the Separatist Droid Army. The Octuptarra is lightly armored, but deals a significant amount of damage to one target at a time.The Octuptarra is weak to tanks and Jedi, but is very effective agianst enemy infantry units. The Tri-Droid, an upgraded version of the Octuptarra, has heavier armor and is more effective aginst infantry units.

Republic DefenderEdit

The Octuptarra is a boss in Republic Defender. It first appears in the Christophsis level, Fork in the Road, followed by several Outer Rim levels. It is a moderatly fast enemy with large amounts of health. After a certain level of damage has been dealt to it, the top of it will explode, releasing and EMP blast that will disable all turrets in the vicinity for a short period of time, and will keep moving. Turbolaser Batteries at Rank 5 are most useful against these, as they can destroy one in a few hits. On boss levels, they will give you 250 energy and on regular levels, they will give 75 energy.

An Octuptarra on Orto Plutonia

Hasbro Attack ShuttleEdit

The Octuptarra droid becomes a boss for the Medium difficulty of Hasbro Attack Shuttle, launching multiple rounds of blaster fire, and missiles. The Octuptarra is stationary, but its blaster fire and missiles will track the player. Players must constanly move to avoid its blaster fire.

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