Orto Plutonia in Galactic Forces

Orto Plutonia is a recurring system that appears in several minigames in Clone Wars Adventures, such as Galactic Forces and Speeder Bike Racing. The system, like Iceberg Three has an arctic environment and is home to the Talz.

Mini-games Edit

Galactic Forces Edit

Orto Plutonia is the first stage of Galactic Forces. It is known for having the largest amount of building slots, 14 in total. It is a good idea to place slow units near the front four slots while placing medium and fast moving units, especially Separatist infantry, near the back lines.

Republic Defender Edit

In Republic Defender, the Life Day exclusive stage, Grievous Steals Life Day, takes place on Orto Plutonia. The stage is fairly larger than most Republic Defender stages and has multiple paths.

Speeder Bike Racing Edit

Orto Plutonia makes up half of the stages of Speeder Bike Racing, where players race through Republic Bases and Talz villages.

Housing Edit

Orto Plutonia Open Lot Edit

Orto Plutonia became a lot in the 29 June 2012 update. It is available for SC icon 300.

Orto Plutonia Furniture SetEdit

Put your pad on ice with this chilling furniture, inspired by the arctic world of Orto Plutonia!

-Store Description

The Orto Plutonia Furniture Set was added on August 17th, 2012 and costs a total of Jedi iconRC icon 3100

Orto Plutonia Table Jedi iconRC icon 200

Orto Plutonia Sofa Jedi iconRC icon 400

Orto Plutonia Sculpture Jedi icon RC icon 450

Orto Plutonia Lamp Jedi iconRC icon 50

Orto Plutonia Holotable Jedi iconRC icon 1000

Orto Plutonia Curio Cabnet Jedi iconRC icon 300

Orto Plutonia Chair Jedi iconRC icon 100

Orto Plutonia Bed Jedi iconRC icon 600