Chancellor Palpatine is leader of the Galactic Republic. In his guise of Darth Sidious he is a Sith lord and the mysterious leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, manipulating his pawns, Dooku and Grievous, to fulfill his dark plans in the Clone Wars.

Outfits Edit

Chancellor Palpatine Edit

Channel the cunning mind and astute diplomacy that leads the great Republic with the robes of Chancellor Palpatine.
—Store description, Clone Wars Adventures
  • Palpatine's Robes Jedi icon RC icon 1,000
  • Palpatine's Robes Jedi icon RC icon 200

Darth Sidious Edit

A mysterious shadow behind the scenes of the Clone Wars, Darth Sidious' black Sith robes convey a sense of fear and danger rivaled only by the evil Dark Lord himself.
—Store description, Clone Wars Adventures
  • Darth Sidious' Hood SC icon 100
  • Darth Sidious' Robes SC icon 200
  • Darth Sidious' Lightsaber SC icon 300

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