Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm is the third and boss level of the Kamino stage in Republic Defender. In Perfect Storm, Trident Drills are introduced, which will spawn droids until defeated. The stage is moderately high in difficulty and requires a Jedi Membership to unlock.


  • Perfect Storm contains a large amount of turret slots making it a great stage for using several utility turrets such as the Energy Generator or the Power Surger. Using Graviy Generators can also work to your advantage.
  • Trident Drills will spawn in several areas of the path in the back and the front. Keep turrets widespread to be prepared for any incoming Trident Drills.
  • Trident Drills are relatively weak compared to other vehicles, so powerful turrets such as the Deactivator or Turbolaser Battery work well for dispatching them before they can spawn more droids.

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