The Power Surger is a turret that spreads an aura to increase the damage output of nearby turrets. It costs 175 in energy to build.

Power Surgers can boost the power of turrents. Power Surgers are good to use aganist massed B1 Battle Droids. Also against bosses, who slowly walk through the path.

Cost (Republic Defender)Edit

  • Level 1=175
  • Level 2=250
  • Level 3=400
  • Level 4=700
  • Level 5=1225


These Power Surgers require Station Cash to buy.

  • Power Surger Turret I - SC icon45
  • Power Surger Turret II - SC icon50
  • Power Surger Turret III - SC icon70
  • Power Surger Turret IV - SC icon75
  • Power Surger Turret V - SC icon100

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