SOE Child's Play Charity Drive-Buy R2-KT between 12/5 and 12/31 and we'll donate 10 dollars to the gamer's charity!
—Store description between 12/5 and 12/23

R2-KT is an Astromech droid Companion who is based on the real-life droid that makes appearances at children's hospitals, Star Wars Celebrations, and charity events in the southeastern United States. It is available for purchase with SC icon300, and purchasing the droid donated 10 dollars to the Child's Play charity. Although it was supposed to be available until the 31st, R2-KT was no longer for sale after December 23, but returned on January 13. R2-KT also gives players an Elite Health Up buff when summoned in a combat zone.

Companion Edit

It's true that an astromech is a starfighter pilot's best friend! And R2-KT is phenomenal!
—Store description
  • R2-KT - SC icon 300

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