"Do you think that giant Rancor we lost will come back and attack us?"

"I still can't belive we lost a full grown Rancor out there. That shouldn't even be possible."

"We need to gather a hunting party together and go recapture that giant rancor. Captain Dheeb is not happy."

- Three Trandoshan Pirates talking about the giant Rancor they lost on Umbara -

A Rancor is a large, carnivorous creature that can be found in the Umbara and Felucia Combat zones. On Umbara, it will destroy any droids or Umbarans it comes across, and chase around the attacking player until one is defeated or the player leaves the area. After the 13 January 2012 update, defeating the Rancor grants players pieces of the Rancor Tracking collection, which on completion awards the Companion, Fogg. On Felucia, the Rancor (called Scratch) can grant you Felucia Mission Tokens which can be traded to purchase gear, Consumables, or Vehicle Furniture.

The Rancor is powerful, and posses strength and endurance that takes awhile to destroy. To defeat this rancor you often have to face him with other players.

To find the rancor look on the map of Umbara. On the east side corner of the screen you can see a patch of area. The rancor travels around the perimeter of that circle. He is pretty easy to find once you get into the area. According to what they have to say, it appears the rancor belonged to the trandoshans.

Companions Edit

Barnibus Edit

Main article: Barnibus

Fang Edit

Main article: Fang

Fogg Edit

Main article: Fogg

Actions Edit

Rancor Holoprojector Edit


The Rancor Holoprojector is an Action that allows players to appear as a Rancor for a short amount of time. It was first seen during the Clone Wars Adventures' second Halloween event, in either the Shops or the Lounge. It became available for purchase for RC icon 20,000 on December 23, 2011. It is the most expensive holoprojector to be released.

Mounts Edit

Rancor Edit

Domesticated rancors might not be as dangerous as ones found in the wild, but don't expect them to be easily trained to do whatever it is you want them to do!
—Official description

The Rancor mount is a player character mount that can be used for transportion. The rancor noticeably carries the player character in its large hands, as seen in Return of the Jedi. If you press the attack button, the player will get off automatically and will start fighting. It became available for purchase for SC icon 500 in the 22 February 2013 update.

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