This is the 2nd level of the World Christophis. It is a slightly tougher level. Also you are able to make Ion Cannons after Commander Cody explains that the enemy has access to Droidekas. Also you need to build quickly at the start as the enemy sends in droids once you exit the planning screen.

Droids encountered Edit


The first few towers you would want to put up are mortar cannons on the 2 beginning spots and 2-3 energy generators at the end. When you have enough energy, put up a particle beam cannon at the first corner. Upgrade all towers (espically the energy generators). Then upgrade the Particle beam cannon as much as possible. When STAPS start coming, put up some AA guns on the empty spot at the beginning. If you have the Energy Generators at Rank 5, Upgrade the AA guns and Particle beam cannon. ALso put up a few Ion cannons as well. Use the Y wing bombing when a lot of enemies are close together. Once the Ion cannon and Particle beam cannon are at rank 5, they will rip a hole through Loathsom's forces. Espicially shielded enemies and tanks. When homing spider droids start coming, they should be torn to pecies by the towers. But just in case you have some tricky enemies who make it to the end, put up some AA guns and mortars. Enjoy this strategy.

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