The Repeating Blaster is a Republic Defender turret that is unlocked on the boss level of the second world. It costs 150 energy to construct.

It is an upgraded version of the blaster turrent that is more effective. It fires faster at the cost of its damage. It should be used aganist STAPs when you can't afford a missile turrent. It is recommended over the Blaster Turrent as it fires faster and can stop droids on foots from getting though it is not a recommended turret to use in smaller stages such as Adrift or Deception on Mustafar. At Rank 3 the Repeating Blaster fires a lot more faster and at Rank 5 the Repeating Blaster is even more deadly to ground droids.

Two Rank 4 Repeating Blasters also serve as operatable weapons in the Droid Destruction Room.

Currently, the Repeating Blaster is the only turret not available as a furniture piece.


  • Rank 1= 150
  • Rank 2= 225
  • Rank 3= 350
  • Rank 4= 600
  • Rank 5= 1050

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