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For seven days in November Clone Wars AdventuresTM will have awesome deals on select in-game items and online Station Cash purchases for our fans!

Each day from November 3rd through November 9th one special in-game item will be offered at 50% off! Be sure to log in and grab the item you want before it is too late. Once the day is over, a different item will be on sale!

Day 1 – Nov 3rd - Personal Hangar

Day 2 – Nov 4th - Pre Vizsla's Darksaber

Day 3 – Nov 5th - Party Pad

Day 4 – Nov 6th - Cad Bane’s Jacket

Day 5 – Nov 7th - B0-LT5 Droid™

Day 6 – Nov 8th - J3-3V3 Droid™

Day 7 – Nov 9th - Rotary Blaster Cannon

The item of the day will change at midnight every day!

We are also offering a great deal on Station Cash during Super Fan Days! When you buy 2,000 Station Cash or more online you will get 50% off! Log in each day to get your super fan deal of the day!

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