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We love our Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™ Players!

To show it, we want to offer you the Valentine's Day Bundle! The Valentine's Day Bundle includes the Cupid Clone Trooper, the H3-4RT (Astromech), the Mouse Droid Valentine's Day Candy Dispenser, and the Power Droid Valentine's Day Potion Pack, all for 650 Station Cash®. This offer will be available starting at 12:01 AM Pacific February 10, 2012, and ending at 11:59 PM Pacific February 14, 2012.

—News page description

The SOE Valentine's Day Love event is a Sale bundle in the Store added specially for Valentine's day, including several Valentine's Day themed Store items, including the Cupid Clone Trooper outfit, H3-4RT and Valentine Companion attachments. The offer is valid from 12:01AM Pacific 2/10/12 to 11:59 PM Pacific 2/14/12 only.

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