A Saber Tank in battle.

The Saber Tank is a rank 1 Republic heavy weapon vehicle in Galactic Forces. When compared to the AAT, its Separatist equivalent, the Saber Tank is much slower in movement speed and firing rate, however it boasts superior damage. A Saber Tank can also be seen on Iceberg Three, where it is a stationary object.

The Saber Tank's high damage gives it the edge in most one on one fights with the AAT and the ability to defeat B1 Battle Droids in a single shot. Saber Tanks can also destroy dwarf spider droids easily in a one on one fight. The Saber Tank can be a deadly vehicle when in close groups, but  is weaker when fending off assaults by multiple infantry and light armor units. in conjunction with infantry, the Saber tank is a formidable foe.

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