Shadow Tech Armour
This heavily field modified Phase II armor has been augmented with advanced Umbaran technology, marking its wearer as an elite veteran of the Battle of Umbara.
—Store description

The Shadow Tech Armor is a collectable from Battle of Umbara. It is a repaint of the Commander Cody Phase II and the Arc Trooper Fives Phase II outfit sets that is decorated blue with cyan neon highlights, and while it can be collected by all players, it can only be equipped by Jedi Members. The Rifle's abiltiy is Thermal Detonator.  

Shadow Hologram projectors on the ground will grant players a single piece for a certain part of the armor. Similar to the hologram projectors in the Temple, they are fairly well hidden throughout the Umbaran airbase and environment. Blue holograms contain parts for the gloves, boots or helmet, whilst the rarer, red holograms contain parts for the blaster and body armor.

After a piece of the set is complete, all further completions will grant Republic Credits. RC icon 1000 for the Boots, Gloves, and Helmet, and RC icon 2000 for the Armor and Blaster rifle.

  • Shadow Tech Armor
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  • Shadow Tech Boots
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  • Shadow Tech Gloves
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  • Shadow Tech Helmet
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  • Shadow Tech Rifle
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