The Skeletal Clone Trooper is a Costume gear set that is only available for purchase during the Halloween event and Friday the 13th in Clone Wars Adventures, for Station Cash. The Skeletal Clone Trooper outfit follows the Phase II Clone Trooper design colored mostly black with a skeleton painted on the front. The set also includes the Skeletal Clone Trooper Scythe.

Outfit setEdit

This outfit requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.

  • Skeletal Clone Trooper Armor
    Jedi icon SC icon 200SkeletalClone-Armor
  • Skeletal Clone Trooper Boots
    Jedi icon SC icon 25SkeletalClone-Boots
  • Skeletal Clone Trooper Gloves
    Jedi icon SC icon 50SkeletalClone-Gloves
  • Skeletal Clone Trooper Helmet
    Jedi icon SC icon 100SkeletalClone-Helmet
  • Skeletal Clone Trooper Scythe
    Jedi icon SC icon 300SkeletalClone-Scythe

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