Specialty Classes are passive classes that do not need to be selected, and are ranked up via certain game activities.
—Game definition

Speciality classes first apeared in the  30 November 2012 update.

Scoundrel Edit

Icon scoundrel

The first Specialty Class in Clone Wars Adventures is just for the TCG players. It is called “Scoundrel,” and it has XP and ranks and special rewards just like a Battle Class. You can only advance your rank in Scoundrel by playing TCG campaign games. Just like with other mini-games, you’ll also receive XP for your chosen Battle Class at the same time. When you level up in Scoundrel, you’ll receive an special TCG promo card as a reward!

  • Runner 1 (0XP)
  • Runner 2 (800XP)
  • Runner 3
  • Swindler 1
  • Swindler 2 (6104XP)
  • Swindler 3 (8843XP)
  • Forger 1 (12240XP)
  • Forger 2 (16588XP)
  • Forger 3 (22327XP)
  • Skifter 1
  • Skifter 2
  • Skifter 3

Rewards Edit

  • Teamwork-Card Assault Underworld Card (Swindler)
  • Forearmed-Card Assault Separtist Card (Forger)
  • Dazzling Performance- Card Assault Independant Card (Skifter)

Technician Edit


The second Specialty Class can be advanced by discovering objects at Technician Stations.By making plans , you will be given gifts at certain levels , gifts like gold and silver nanites.

  • Deck Sweeper 1 (0XP)
  • Deck Sweeper 2
  • Deck Sweeper 3
  • Tech Assistant 1
  • Tech Assistant 2
  • Tech Assistant 3
  • Field Mechanic 1 (12240XP)
  • Field Mechanic 2
  • Field Mechanic 3 (22327XP)
  • Astro-Tech 1
  • Astro-Tech 2 (39369XP)
  • Astro-Tech 3
  • Deck Officer 1
  • Deck Officer 2
  • Deck Officer 3
  • Master Technician

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