Naboo Jedi Knights
Faction Independent
Leader Jedikrisse

Naboo Jedi knights are nobel and peaceful knights of the force. The Founder of the Naboo Jedi Knights is a great Knight (Kristoffer Hajo) from Naboo, he wanted a group that represent Naboo and all of the jedi in the galaxy. Kristoffer Hajo is one of Naboo's hero, he was found by the jedi council at an very early age.

The council knew he would be a great peace keeper of the force. When Kristoffer Hajo got older and he becomed a padawan and was assinged to be trained by Master Kit fisto. After many years of training Kristoffer Hajo becomed a jedi knight but he was still very young, he was only the age of 17 when he becomed a fufilled jedi knight.

He was in very big battles like the grand battle of Geonosis and Kashykk but after 3 years in battlefield he wanted to start a Jedi academy at Naboo so he could be at his home planet and also teach the ways of the force to younglings. He had some trouble founding the academy beacuse of the jedi council, the jedi council was worried he was to young but kristoffer hajo's old master Kit Fisto knew he could make the academy a succes.

Kit fisto helped Kristoffer Hajo to open the academy and start getting some younglings. But at the same time Kristoffer Hajo opened the academy he went back to help the republic win the battle of umbara so he started to look for jedi knights to assist him with his academy and the battles.

These jedi knights started a wisdom word for the jedi knights to follow.

"We don't use violence, we use wisdom. We are not soldiers, we are peace keepers. I will not follow the dark side of the force, i will follow the light side of the force. We are Jedi knights of Naboo!

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