Faction Galactic Republic
Leader Nitesabes Windwarrior
the nightsabers are a noble team that fights for honor, justice and the republic. leaded by Nitesabes: the wind warrior, who has made his name arround the game by defeating the mandalorian guild and the Shadowknights. The first nightsabers team was made cloe to the start of the game. Nitesabes had leaded his units through many conflicts and battles until one day was attacked by the sith lod Revan. that was the cause that made his most trusted generals go rogue, Tasser, Shisa, Slick, and alex became the original members of the Shadowknight family. In the mean time Nitesabes had to delete his squad due to lack of people playing. a lot of stuff happened before the Shadowknights became a feared force wich made Nitesabes to make a new nightsaber squad. He was able to recover some of his old friends and convince them to join back. Due to an overwheming force the third nightsaber team was founded leade by his general Rulan Hatchclanker who still was under command of Nitesabes. the war lasted bout a year against the Shadowknight, the third saber team (nightsaber) was destroyed due to lack of members and people not coming online. Nitesabes found a lot of allies to help him fight the Shadowknight, when he defeated Tasser Shadowknight he thougth the war was over but then he discovered that he was only a general and the war continued. The new Shadowknight squad was formed due to heavy attacks caused on all front by the Nightsabers and his allies, some squads that worked alone. The final battle was decided in Tatooine were Nitesabes let the Shadowknights capture him in order to save the life of his squad and friends. A deal was made where both attacks stoped and the war would be decided with a one on one battle between Nitesabes (the leader of the Nightsabers) and Shisa (the leader of the Shadowknights). It was a long and dangerous battle but in the end Nitesabes was able to win the war.

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