The Super Tank is a powerful Separatist tank vehicle. In Clone Wars Adventures, it makes an appearance in the Geonosis Saga, Galactic Forces, and Hasbro Attack Shuttle.
Super tank

The Super Tank

Heavily armored but slow, the Super Tank can overpower almost any Republic forces.

Mini-games Edit

Galactic Forces Edit

In Galactic Forces, the Super Tank is a rank 3 Separatist heavy armor vehicle. It is known for being on of the most powerful vehicles that can attack up to four units at a time in the game. The Super Tank's power is on par with the AT-TE Cannoneer and has a greater attack power and similar firing rate when compared to its Republic equivalent, the AT-TE Repeater. When compared to the rank 3 alternative, the MTT the Super Tank has much greater firepower but a drastically lower firing rate and health count, making the MTT more suitable for tight situations. The Super Tank does not perform at its best when put up against swarms of Republic enemies alone, but it is much more powerful when with groups of other units. The Super Tank is an overall very powerful, Separatist vehicle and is effective against any type of Republic enemy. 

A Super Tank on the battlefield

Geonosis Saga Edit

In Geonosis Saga, the Super Tank is the boss of the final level, Foundry Flank, and can destroy whole slots of turrets, unlike General Grievous who only destroys one at a time. It is one of the only two shielded bosses, the other being the Mobile Shield Generator. Jedi Heroes are a common choice against this, but the Ion Bomb is a good choice for it's shields. It stays still when it fires it's mortars, while Grievous moves while he destroys them. The Super Tank can also be found in Second Battle of Geonosis, where players can destroy multiple Super Tank's with their Y-wing.


In a quest on Coruscant given to players by Commander Jet, they must defeat a Super Tank using world combat. This Super Tank has a large amount of health, and requires great skill to defeat. Completing this mission allows players to receive a special long range charge up ability. Completing another mission given by Yoda in the Officer's Club earns players the melee special attack, and the title "Weapon Master" after completing both quests.
Player vs Tank

A player attacks the Super Tank

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