All ranks of the Thermal Grenade Turret

The Thermal Grenade Turret is a type of turret in Republic Defender. It is unlocked after completing the second stage of Maridun, Lok Durd Strikes Back and costs 175 energy to build.

Description Edit

The Thermal Grenade is the first turret unlocked that has the ability to deal damage to multiple ground units, making it very useful in early stages. The Thermal Grenade excels in wiping out hordes of oncoming weaker droids, such as the B1 Battle Droid. Although this ability is useful, the Thermal Grenade has one of the lowest attack stats of all turrets in the game and you fill find that it loses its effectiveness against any enemy droid more powerful than the B1 Commander Droid. Placing them in large, close, groups most of the times compensates for this however.

It is suggested in-game to replace Thermal Grenades with Mortar Cannons. They both have the ability to damage multiple units with one shot, however, the Mortar Cannon boasts far better attack power and range. Although the Mortar Cannon is an arguably more popular choice, it does not outperform the Thermal Grenade in all areas. The Thermal Grenade has a much faster firing rate, compared the Mortar Cannon's relatively slow firing rate, and is cheaper and, therefore, easier to upgrade.

The Thermal Grenade loses its main downside of boasting low attack power when in its upgraded forms, and when this is combined with its faster firing rate, you will find that it can take out large groups of even moderately strong droids with greater efficiency than the Mortar Cannon.

Two Rank 3 Thermal Grenade turrets serve as operatable weapons in the Droid Destruction Room, and two Rank 5 Thermal Grenade turrets are seen defending the Ryloth base.

Furniture Edit

Foes will think twice about moving in when they see these Thermal Grenade Turrets guarding your latest installation!
—Store description

On September 2, 2011, full-scale Thermal Grenade Turrets were introduced in the form of furniture. There are six different variations of the Thermal Grenade Turret, each following the color schemes of the ranks. They are also interactive, firing grenades when clicked on, and are the first turrets to require Station Cash to purchase.

  • Thermal Grenade Turret I - SC icon 45
  • Thermal Grenade Turret II - SC icon 50
  • Thermal Grenade Turret III - SC icon 70
  • Thermal Grenade Turret IV - SC icon 75
  • Thermal Grenade Turret V - SC icon 100

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