Gold tridroid

A Tri-Droid in the Outer Rim

The Tri-Droid is a Separatist Light Armor unit that appears in Galactic Forces. In appearance, it is similar to the Octuptarra, however it is larger and gold in color.


The Tri-Droid is a larger and more deadly version of the Octupturra, with superior damage stats and greater defense. Much like the Octupturra, the Tri-Droid has a somewhat slow firing rate, still faster than the AT-PT Sniper's, and movement speed. Much like the AT-PT Sniper The Tri-Droid's greatest strength is its high attack power and ability to deal heavy damage to infantry. This allows it to even act as a great defense against enemy Heavy Armor vehicles. The Tri-Droid can only target one unit at a time unlike its counterpart the Homing Spider Droid.

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