The Tusken Raider is a Planetary forces outfit that was added with the launch of Clone Wars Adventures.

A Tusken Raider near a small house

It is directly based on the Tusken raiders that appeared in the live action movies. The majority of the outfit is tan in color and is one of the first outfit sets to incorporate a weapon that does not fall into the blaster or lightsaber category.


Tusken Raider 64

This outfit set requires a Jedi membership to purchase

  • Gaffi Stick - RC icon800
  • Boots - RC icon250
  • Gloves - RC icon200
  • Helmet - RC icon700
  • Robes - RC icon600

Pink Tusken RaiderEdit

Pink Tusken Raider 64

The Pink Tusken Raider is a variation of the original Tusken raider outfit that is colored pink instead of tan. It is only available during the Halloween Tricks and Treats events. It is also noticeably more expensive compared to the original and requires a Jedi membership to purchase.

  • Gaffi Stick - RC icon1200
  • Boots - RC icon300
  • Gloves - RC icon300
  • Helmet - RC icon1000
  • Robes - RC icon1000

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