The Gungan Lightsaber

The Gungan Lightsaber was created from the remannts of several broken Gungan energy shields.

The Ultimate FX Gungan Lightsaber (formerly known as the Gungan Lightsaber) is a lightsaber that could be obtained by going to the Join the Jedi promotional website and clicking on the Clone Wars Adventures icon. By clicking the icon, the lightsaber will be instantly sent to the player's Clone Wars Adventures account.

Like the Kashyyyk Lightsaber, the Gungan lightsaber is a stand alone item that does not come in a set. The lightsaber appears to have a purple hilt and comes with a purple lightsaber crystal, which originally could only be obtained with the purchase of Mace Windu's lightsaber, and a Gungan crystal, which gives lightsabers a bubble effect.

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