An Umbaran

The Umbarans are the species from the shadow planet Umbara seen in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, where the Battle of Umbara takes place. Umbaran themed gear has been made. Also, Umbarans are enemies who can be fought in the Battle of Umbara combat zone.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

The Umbarans are one of the main enemies of the combat zone. Green armored ones, Umbaran Troopers, are weak, Dark Yellow ones, Umbaran Officers, have average life, and Blue ones, Umbaran Commanders, are the most powerful.


Umbaran SoldierEdit

Umbaran Soldier-Icon
Sneaking behind enemy lines couldn't get any easier with this Umbaran Soldier gear.
—Store description

The Umbaran Soldier is an outfit set based on the Umbaran soldiers seen in the Battle of Umbara in both the television series, and the Combat zone, made available for purchase in the update of October 28, 2011 for Republic Credits. Four other variants of this armor can be seen in the Battle of Umbara.

This outfit requires a Jedi Membership to purchase.

  • Umbaran Blaster Rifle - RC icon 1500
  • Umbaran Boots - RC icon 300
  • Umbaran Gloves - RC icon 300
  • Umbaran Suit - RC icon 800

Action Edit

Umbaran Soldier Holoprojector Edit

The Umbaran Soldier is also a holoprojector the player can buy and use and is sold for RC icon 5000. It was sold for half off at a special sale in April 2012.

Housing Edit

Umbaran Lot Edit

Umbara Lot

An empty Umbara Lot

This liberated section of Umbara is yours for the taking to aid in the war efforts.
—Official description

The Umbaran Lot is a house that was added on 11 November 2011. It is an Umbaran themed lot and costs SC icon 300 to purchase. Unlike most lots, the Umbara lot is formatted differently as it is laid out horizontally instead of vertically. The Umbaran Construction Set was specially based on this lot.

Umbaran Construction Set Edit

062 cwa umbaranconstructionset main2
Create your own new and intriguing barracks using these Umbaran construction sets.
—Official description
  • Large Umbaran Box
  • Medium Umbaran Box
  • Small Umbaran Box
  • Umbaran Wall Piece
  • Umbaran Window
  • Umbaran Door
  • Umbaran Plant 01
  • Umbaran Plant 02
  • Umbaran Floor Panel
  • Umbaran Ceiling Panel

Umbaran Furniture PiecesEdit

These furniture pieces can be obtained from completing the Umbaran Bunkers collection. Based on the furniture pieces seen in the Bunkers.

Vehicles Edit

Umbaran Vehicles Pack I Edit

062 cwa umbaranvehiclespackI main
Only trained pilots are allowed to hop in these Umbaran vehicles...unless you feel like blowing a hole through the pod bay doors.
—Official Store Description

External links Edit

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