Umbaran Hover Tank
The Umbaran Hover Tank is a vehicle used by Umbaran forces. It makes appearances in Battle of Umbara as an enemy NPC and as a rideable vehicle. They can also be bought as furniture from the Umbaran Vehicles Pack I for SC icon100 each.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

Airfield MissionEdit

In the Airfield mission, Hover tanks are used by the player to destroy four Mobile Heavy Cannon in the airfield. The Hover tank's primary, or 1 key, attack consists of firing two high powered blasts, which can deal up to 2000 damage. Its secondary function, or 2 key, activates a self-healing mechanism, which will partially replenish the vehicle's health.


As enemy NPCs, Hover tanks can be found roaming the airfield. They are heavily armored and are among the hardest opponents to defeat. They have the ability to resist an anormally large amount of attacks and can deal more than 1000 damage to players with each shot. Blasters are weak against these units so it is best to use high damage weapons, such as the Republic Missile Launcher.

Try to stand close to the tank while fighting it, as it has a higher chance of missing. 

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