Unidentified gear sets are outfit sets and weapons without confirmed names. Most unidentified outfit sets were only shown before the release of Clone Wars Adventures or are only worn by NPCs.

Unidentified outfit set 1 Edit

This outfit set resembles the orange Rebel Pilot outfit. It was only shown in E3 2010 and there are no plans for an in-game release due to the cancellation of Classic Gear.

Unidentified outfit set 2 Edit

This outfit resembles the outfit worn by Clone Naval officers seen in several episodes of the Clone Wars aboard Attack Cruisers. It has been seen in-game several times around the Jedi Temple and aboard the Attack Cruiser House and it is unknown if it will become available for purchase

Unidentified outfit sets 3, 4 & 5 Edit

These outfits appear to be the same design as Sergeant Joker and Corporal Spanner's designs, but in different colors. It is unlikely they will become available for purchase.

Unidentified outfit set 6 Edit

This set appears to be based on Dash Rendar from Shadows of the Empire.

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