The Vulture Droid is a droid starfighter used by the Separatists. In Clone Wars Adventures, it makes several appearances in mini-games such as Republic Defender and Starfighter. Vulture droids are common sights on
Geonosis Vulture

A Vulture Droid

Ryloth, and can be seen flying above the area often. A miniture model was also created of the vulture droid, and is part of the Confederacy Ship Minis I set.

A Vulture Droid in Starfighter

Republic DefenderEdit

In Republic Defender the Vulture droid is a moderately high health flying unit. Blaster Turrets are relatively weak against it, so it is recommended to use Anti-air Turrets instead.
Mustafar Vultures

A pair of Vulture droid on Mustafar

Galactic ForcesEdit

In Galactic Forces it is a rank 1 Comm Tower that bombs enemy Republic Units. Three Vulture droids will descend from the sky and will bomb Republic units. Players can target three units for destruction.

Hasbro Attack ShuttleEdit

In Hasbro Attack Shuttle the vulture droid is an enemy that can shoot in all directions at the player.
Vulture on Felucia

A Vulture Droid in Hasbro Attack Shuttle

Attack CruiserEdit

The vulture droid is introduced in the first level of Attack Cruiser, Outer Rim and is a relativity weak unit. They require one to two shots to destroy.

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