Weapons Lab is an add-on building in Galactic Forces. It raises the attack stats for all of the player's units on the battlefield. At rank 1 the weapons lab increases the damage of all units by 25%; at rank 2, 50%, and at rank 3, 75%.


The Weapons lab is one of the two add-ons that raises the army's stats, the other being the Armory. The Weapons lab is possibly the more beneficial of the two as it gives you a much larger attack bonus and makes every shot count. It is most useful towards heavy armor vehicles as, with the added help of a Weapons Lab, they will be able to very swiftly take out distractor units such as infantry and light armor. While the Weapons lab is more expensive than the armory, it is more than worth the extra energy. If enough addon slots are available, using the Weapons lab in conjunction with the Armory is a good strategy for defeating an opponent as troops will have increased defense and offense.

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