The Y-Wing is a Republic Starfighter frequently used for bombing missions, and a series of these ships with different designs and color patterns to be used in the Starfighter levels of special campaigns. Unlike normal, purchasable starfighters, however, they can not be viewed in the Personal Hangar. So far two sets have been released.


Y-Wing Bombers make appearances in multiple starfighter levels, including "Destroy the Malevolence", and can be flown in levels of mini-game campaigns (excluding Mission on Iceberg Three).

Republic DefenderEdit

Main article: Y-Wing Strafing Run
Y-wings can be found in several places in republic Defender. Most noticelably is the crashed Y-wings in levels.

A crashed y-wing

Battle of UmbaraEdit

In the Battle of Umbara, Y-Wings can be seen flying overhead in numerous locations.


Y-Wing Pack IEdit

Assault bombers designed for delivering the most devastating blows to the Separatist forces! These fighters can only be flown in special campaigns.
—Official description

There are two ships in the Y-wing pack I that require Station Cash to purchase.

  • Purple Y-wing - SC icon 100
  • Red Y-wing - SC icon 100

Y-Wing Pack IIEdit

Are you a great pilot? If you aren't now, you will be soon with this trio at your disposal! These starfighters can only be flown in special campaigns.
—Official description

The Y-Wing Pack II was released with the update of October 14, 2011 for Republic Credits, containing three newly colored Y-Wings.

These Ships require a Jedi Membership to purchase.

  • Blue Y-Wing - RC icon 4000
  • Green Y-Wing - RC icon 4000
  • Red Striped Y-Wing - RC icon 4000

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